CNC brass

CNC brass precision parts

Machining workpieces with CNC machines is excellent for precisely machining various materials, such as brass.

Brass is a material that has some special properties and is therefore now used in almost all industries, so the CNC machining of brass also has a great importance in materials processing.


Advantages of brass

Brass is a copper alloy that can have different properties due to different alloying components, such as manganese, nickel or aluminum. As a result, it acquires an enormously great diversity. It can have some advantages while adapting to the diverse requirements and conditions of different industries.
  • high corrosion resistance

  • good machinability (easy and fast processing and shaping)

  • specific influenceability of the properties through the selection of the respective alloys

  • amagnetic behavior (no influence by magnetic fields)

  • good electric conductivity

  • Hygienic (acts as bactericide)

  • recyclable and eco-friendly



CNC brass processing

Due to the good workability and shaping, brass is optimally suited for machining. It can be milled, turned, drilled, cut and bent.

Brass can be machined particularly well by using CNC machines, especially for milling and turning. Just like brass as a material, CNC machines have great versatility. They can process materials in a versatile manner and to the highest quality.

CNC machines are very flexible and extremely precise in the production of milled parts from brass, which adapts well to the characteristics of the material.

At LES GRAVEURS we work with multi-axis CNC milling machines. Multiple axes allow us to produce much more complex and precise parts. This allows us to take advantage of the good machining capabilities of brass. Even the smallest parts can be made from brass according to the most diverse specifications.


Applications of brass precision parts
Due to its versatility, brass can also be used in very different industries and sectors:
  • Jewelry industry (necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc.)

  • Handles (door or window handles, etc.)

  • Arts and crafts

  • Electrical engineering (antennas, waveguides, etc.)

  • Plumbing installations (pipes, fittings, etc.)

  • Signs and fittings (house numbers, doorbell signs, etc.)

  • Instruments (especially brass instruments and some woodwind instruments)



Our CNC work with brass

At LES GRAVEURS, we use our CNC machines to manufacture precision brass parts for you according to your specifications.


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